Monday, February 13, 2006

Koshy' PresentationHis presentation was on improving writing skills among class11 students.His key questions were, taking into account the fact that he can spend only the same amount of time on both students, how can he equalise the learning of writing skills, to minimise the damaging effects of student variability?His presentation edited and unedited portions of students work. One student had incorporated the changes keeping his feedback in mind, whereas the other student had not incorporated the changes after getting the feedback.My response to the key question were:More time could be given to the student to understand, the context and improve the writing skills other than the allotted class. It could be divided into smaller chunks so that it is easier to implement improvement in writing skills.Many strategies were analysed out of which what I found appropriate was to allow the students to choose the content which is of interest to her.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Joel had presented a P.E session of Class 7 (2nd Feb)
Joel's presentation is about creating an interest in athletics. He had given a brief introduction and showed a video clipping of the students of Class 7 learning athletic events. He had presented samples of student feed back on what they felt about learning athletics. From his presentation, I understand that he had done enough hard work to initiate athletics in the school.
He had presented two key questions?
1. Why do students have immense interest in foot ball and basket ball?
2. How to create an equal interest in Athletics?
They can relate better to the players of the world, identify themselves with them. They see that these players have more recognition and better rewarded.
Interest in athletics can be created by showing them video clippings of world famous athlets. If possible, a presentation by an athlete also could be done.

During the collaborative strategies session it was suggested that since the students do not want to miss their P.E classes by sitting in the class room, it could be integrated with language class or any other suitable class.
My take away during the debreifing session was that I could integrate the P.E session with a science class.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

I had presented my problem to the participants, together with the participants and facilitator we have formulated ceratain strategies, which I would like to share it with all ppse members.

The learning objectives given to the ICSE class for a prentation on electrochemical cells is as under:
1.Students should be able to understand what is oxidation and reduction.
2. They should be able to differentiate between the two processes.
3. They should be able to understand the construction and working of an electrochemical cell.
4. They should be able to understand the application of the concept.

Assessmnet Criteria
1. Effective understanding of all the learning objectives.
2. Evidence of research.
3. Collaborative effort and time management.

Guidelines given to the students.
1. Presentation time should not exceed ten minutes
2. Presentation should reflect proper understanding of all the learning objectives.
3. Presentation could be a power point or any other type.

I had explained the learning objectives to the participants and the facilitator. I had informed the participants about the reference books and internet sites given by me to the students for the project. I had informed them that the assessment was done by Mrs. Madhusudhan. The assessment sheet was also presented for the participants perusal. The students were put to viva questions by the judge as well as students from 9 IGCSE.
My sample work was presentation on the Hydrogen Cell as fuel cell. It was a pwer point presentation with animated pictures.
The participants were Anu, Joel, Bala, Vijaya. Koshy was the facilitator and Kalpana Surya Narayanan was the mentor.
My Key questions were as under:
1. How to assess if enough research is done by all the students?
2. How to assess if learning has actually happened?
3. What could be done to overcome the fear of addresing a gathering during the presentation?

After the presentation the clarifying questions asked were

Did I allot the students independent work or was it decided by the students?
Was adding Bibilography suggested to the students?
Was periodic guidance given to the students before the final presentation?
Did any mock presentation take place before the final?

I had explained the clarifying questions, different electrochemical cells were suggested to them. They chose from the options given to them. Bibilography was not suggested by me. periodic guidance was given to the students who approached me. I had informed that no mock session had taken place before the final.

The participant discussion is as follows.
Recording of bibilography was emphasised. Viva questions could be asked from the books mentioned in bibilography. Contribution to each student could be made by the teacher, and by the students. If the students decide, then it should be informed to the teacher. Constant monitoring should be done by the teacher. It is essential to document all the preparatory study done by each student. Fear factor is not important as it was not mentioned in the learning objectives. Changing guidelines to suit the students need. Most of them felt work was competent enough. Individual viva questions should be given to each one of them. Smaller group could be easily monitored.

Reflection by the presenter
Bibilography is important. Constant monitoring all the groups is essential. Constant counselling should be given to the student who has a fear for presentation. A mock presentation could be conducted prior to the final presentation. Guidelines could be modified to suit the student' need.

Collaborative Stragies that could be implemented
1. Smaller group is not always possible as the no of hours required would exceed the time available.
2. Concept should be the same but applications can be different.
3. In the learning objectives presentation criteria also should be specified.
4. Match assessment criteria to learning objectives.
5. To save time some topics from the syllabus could be used for presentation.
6. Preparatory work should be checked to find if enough research work is done individually.
7. Presentation need not be always beyond the context.
8. periodic monitoring has to be done to all the students, prior to the presentation to check if learning is actually happening.
9. Insist on bibilography.
10. After presentation the interaction could be limited to student and teacher.

During debreifing session the facilitator and the presenter thanked all the participants.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Time line

I would like to share my experience as a chemistry teacher in different states and in different boards. I began my career in 1986 immediately after my post graduation. For two years I was teaching Science and Math for Primary and High School. It was a conventional school with regular tests and exams, the resources were not many, but I used to try to get flower specimens to explain the parts of a flower. I took a break for two years, resumed my teaching career in Maharishi Vidya MandirCBSE Hosur till 1992. The students were earnest, highly motivated and receptive. The resources were limited, no good books, lab was not fully equipped, no photocopying machine, no computer. I used to give them hand written notes and they used to photocopy outside school. They all passed out with good marks, got admitted in good schools in chennai and Bangalore. They used to communicate to me as long as I was in Hosur. My unforgettable experience in that school was before the practical exam the lab attender was down with chicken pox, I had to get the lab ready but did not get any help. I stayed in the school campus till 9'o clock prepared all the reagents and went home. When the students did their exams well, my joy knew no bounds. After that we shifted to Chennai, I took a break for two years due to my younger son's birth. I used to take classes at home for plus two and class 10 at home. I resumed my teaching again in Shankara Senior Secondary School from 1995 to 1997 teaching plus two and class10. Then we shifted to Bombay due to my husband's change in career, I had joined as a chemisty teacher teaching plus two in a junior college in Thane. Teaching in Bombay was a totally new experience to me, there were about 75 to 80 students in the hall, the front benchers used to be attentive while the back benchers used to be in their own world. I did not get any job satisfaction, the college had flexible timings from 12 pm to 6pm. I had plenty of time in my hands , very soon I started preparing question bank and correcting test series for a private teaching academy. I found it more challenging because I had to do a lot of thinking it improved my subject knowledge. Well we had to leave again due to my husband's change in career, came to Bangalore joined Vidyashilp. Teaching in Vidyashilp was a totally new experience, we had to generate lesson plans to be put up in the server. The chairman gave me full permission to modify the lesson plans in chemistry. I was able to modify the lesson plans with the help of my colleagues. We ensured that the content should not get affected but more activity based till grade7. More focus was given to written skills,initially it was difficult but slowly we were successful. There was a department working on getting the lesson plans on the server with animated pictures according to the needs of the lesson. I had initiated the competitive examination NSO in Vidyashilp, now it is conducted successfuly every year. I was getting bored by teaching only ICSE upto class10. My son forced my to apply in Aditi as he had come to Aditi to participate in Out of the Box competition. He liked the school's atmosphere. I had developed a close rapport with the people in Vidya Shilp, intially it was difficult, but Mrs. Khare gave me full support for about 10 days to understand the atmosphere of this school. Well now I have understood how wonderful it is to work here. There are lot of opportunities for self growth. No other school gives so much importance on self growth of the teachers unlike Aditi. I have started reflecting on myself a lot after the inspirational talk by GN. I feel I have a still long way to go improve my ability in being an effective, efficient and engaging teacher.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

My experience in Aditi as a Chemistry Teacher

I would like to share my experience as chemistry teacher in IGCSE class. I had planned for class in Atomic structure. I wanted to teach the Bohr's atom model using data projector. Everything was ready. Students were seated and the class was about to begin, I had inserted the CD in the CDROM drive, Suddenly I realised the CD drive in the computer was not opening. Students became restless andther was commotion in the class. I hadtotake a quick decision, I took them to the chemistry lab and explaind the same concept using FLAME TEST. I explained the emission spectra of Bohr's atom model metallic chlorides. I made the work individually, they learned the concept well and enjoyed the activity.

Saturday, July 30, 2005


workshop on blog is interesting, slowly i'm getting to understand it