Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Time line

I would like to share my experience as a chemistry teacher in different states and in different boards. I began my career in 1986 immediately after my post graduation. For two years I was teaching Science and Math for Primary and High School. It was a conventional school with regular tests and exams, the resources were not many, but I used to try to get flower specimens to explain the parts of a flower. I took a break for two years, resumed my teaching career in Maharishi Vidya MandirCBSE Hosur till 1992. The students were earnest, highly motivated and receptive. The resources were limited, no good books, lab was not fully equipped, no photocopying machine, no computer. I used to give them hand written notes and they used to photocopy outside school. They all passed out with good marks, got admitted in good schools in chennai and Bangalore. They used to communicate to me as long as I was in Hosur. My unforgettable experience in that school was before the practical exam the lab attender was down with chicken pox, I had to get the lab ready but did not get any help. I stayed in the school campus till 9'o clock prepared all the reagents and went home. When the students did their exams well, my joy knew no bounds. After that we shifted to Chennai, I took a break for two years due to my younger son's birth. I used to take classes at home for plus two and class 10 at home. I resumed my teaching again in Shankara Senior Secondary School from 1995 to 1997 teaching plus two and class10. Then we shifted to Bombay due to my husband's change in career, I had joined as a chemisty teacher teaching plus two in a junior college in Thane. Teaching in Bombay was a totally new experience to me, there were about 75 to 80 students in the hall, the front benchers used to be attentive while the back benchers used to be in their own world. I did not get any job satisfaction, the college had flexible timings from 12 pm to 6pm. I had plenty of time in my hands , very soon I started preparing question bank and correcting test series for a private teaching academy. I found it more challenging because I had to do a lot of thinking it improved my subject knowledge. Well we had to leave again due to my husband's change in career, came to Bangalore joined Vidyashilp. Teaching in Vidyashilp was a totally new experience, we had to generate lesson plans to be put up in the server. The chairman gave me full permission to modify the lesson plans in chemistry. I was able to modify the lesson plans with the help of my colleagues. We ensured that the content should not get affected but more activity based till grade7. More focus was given to written skills,initially it was difficult but slowly we were successful. There was a department working on getting the lesson plans on the server with animated pictures according to the needs of the lesson. I had initiated the competitive examination NSO in Vidyashilp, now it is conducted successfuly every year. I was getting bored by teaching only ICSE upto class10. My son forced my to apply in Aditi as he had come to Aditi to participate in Out of the Box competition. He liked the school's atmosphere. I had developed a close rapport with the people in Vidya Shilp, intially it was difficult, but Mrs. Khare gave me full support for about 10 days to understand the atmosphere of this school. Well now I have understood how wonderful it is to work here. There are lot of opportunities for self growth. No other school gives so much importance on self growth of the teachers unlike Aditi. I have started reflecting on myself a lot after the inspirational talk by GN. I feel I have a still long way to go improve my ability in being an effective, efficient and engaging teacher.


Blogger sandra kunder said...

Interesting journey Hema. Very true. Aditi's emphasis on self-growth is invaluable.

9:28 AM  
Blogger Shuchi Grover said...

Great to hear that you have been inspired to go on a path of self-reflection and professional growth. The culture of this school certainly encourages teachers to be reflective practioners. (These blogs are in fact your tools for reflection.)

Your changing contexts are evident as you moved cities and schools. You seem like someone who has a good grasp of the subject matter you teach. Here's to that tranfer of knowledge through engaging, effective and efficient teaching.

10:27 PM  
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