Monday, February 13, 2006

Koshy' PresentationHis presentation was on improving writing skills among class11 students.His key questions were, taking into account the fact that he can spend only the same amount of time on both students, how can he equalise the learning of writing skills, to minimise the damaging effects of student variability?His presentation edited and unedited portions of students work. One student had incorporated the changes keeping his feedback in mind, whereas the other student had not incorporated the changes after getting the feedback.My response to the key question were:More time could be given to the student to understand, the context and improve the writing skills other than the allotted class. It could be divided into smaller chunks so that it is easier to implement improvement in writing skills.Many strategies were analysed out of which what I found appropriate was to allow the students to choose the content which is of interest to her.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Joel had presented a P.E session of Class 7 (2nd Feb)
Joel's presentation is about creating an interest in athletics. He had given a brief introduction and showed a video clipping of the students of Class 7 learning athletic events. He had presented samples of student feed back on what they felt about learning athletics. From his presentation, I understand that he had done enough hard work to initiate athletics in the school.
He had presented two key questions?
1. Why do students have immense interest in foot ball and basket ball?
2. How to create an equal interest in Athletics?
They can relate better to the players of the world, identify themselves with them. They see that these players have more recognition and better rewarded.
Interest in athletics can be created by showing them video clippings of world famous athlets. If possible, a presentation by an athlete also could be done.

During the collaborative strategies session it was suggested that since the students do not want to miss their P.E classes by sitting in the class room, it could be integrated with language class or any other suitable class.
My take away during the debreifing session was that I could integrate the P.E session with a science class.